Gotham and Quindell a private investors view

These are my views on what the Gotham report means to me as a longterm private investor in Quindell.


1. Share price has plummeted.
2. ‘Professional’ investors have maximised their profits.
3. Many private investors have sold their shares at a considerable loss.


1. Quindell business model and finances have been forensically investigated by accountants, investors, etc. Not one accusation has be found to be true.
2. I now know more about the Quindell business than any of my other investments.

What does this mean to me as a private investor

My increased knowledge has resulted in me increasing my investment in Quindell 10 fold since the Gotham report.

Why have I written this and previous Quindell Echo blogs?

Like many I do not like to see other private investors sell their Quindell shares at a substantial loss. Publishing blogs that explain simply why I am a longterm investor I hope will contribute to others knowledge before they make any investment decisions.

If you require any information about Quindell. I recommend the Quindell Share Action Group (link to right if this blog). This forum has many knowledgable private investors and contains a wealth of information and informative discussion.


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