One response to “Perfect Storm for Quindell investors!

  1. ??????

    it seems that your final comment has come to pass.

    “We are heading towards the Perfect Storm, sooner rather than later the value of the company will to be reflected in the share price.”

    the shares have fallen from 146p to (currently) 70p since you wrote this. Or wasn’t this the ‘value’ that you were talking about?

    I struggle to understand investors trying to back Mr Terry as his actions over the last few months are dubious in the extreme. Claiming to be buying stock via an RNS when, in fact, he sold it. Trading in stock when he was aware that the firms broker had resigned. I have been a CEO of a listed company and I cannot understand how any board could have allowed this action.. Effectively various board/exec members were allowed to sell stock whilst in possession of price sensitive information. I would have thought that this was illegal.


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