Quindell – are we seeing a repeat of history?

I am making these two points to indicate how tenuous links can be used by association to question the integrity of a person or a business.

Is the future going to repeat history?
Thomas Cochrane was in the Napoleonic navy where he became embroiled in a scandal and was subsequently dismissed. He then went on to COMMIT A HUGE STOCK MARKET FRAUD.

In 1814, rumours of Napoleon’s death began to circulate. In reaction to the news and the possibility of peace, share prices rose sharply on the Stock Exchange.

It soon became clear the news of Napoleon’s death was a hoax.

The Stock Exchange established Cochrane bought and sold shares and was a conspirator in a major fraud.

The interesting point is Cochrane is apparently related to one of Quindell’s detractors. The blagger!

First Cannabal Restaurant in the Uk

This is a direct quote from Darren Atwater’s Linkedin page where he states he is a Director of The Real Man Pizza Company Ltd. This is a company the blagger has an interest in.

The quote:

“On-site director of busy Clerkenwell Manx/Italian restaurant serving a mix of media, legal, and start-up workers”

At first I thought this was illegal, but having checked with the food standards agency it is in fact not illegal to run a cannibal restaurant.


I make the above points to make a serious point.

It is very easy to go to print with information about Quindell using the most tenuous or ludicrous facts.

I always ask myself when I read an article. Why has the article been published, what is the purpose, does it stand up to scrutiny and is it factual.

Note: If you want up to date information on Quindell or news that impacts on the Quindell business I strongly recommend you look at Word on the Street an electronic newspaper. Please click on the following link.



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