NAB and Quindell Civil Case Judge comments

The National Association of Bodyshops (NAB) made a comment regarding a civil action court hearing in Delaware, USA involving Quindell.

The lawyers submissions to Vice Chancellor, Hon. J. Travis Laster gave the impression that Quindell was “in a bad financial situation” and a subsidiary business as being in “a dire financial strait”.

The blagger then picked up on this statement and has blogged a couple of times stating this provides evidence the Quindell business is in financial trouble.

These are the Facts about the Delaware civil action

In the civil action is the following paragraph:

Now, it may be that Quindell [sic] (defendant) is in a bad financial situation. I don’t think that that alters the pleading standard, and it certainly doesn’t alter the conversion of this motion to one for summary judgment, which, for whatever reason, the defendants chose to do. And I will say on Quindell, because I do have the most sympathy for them, the Quindell and HIMEX brief is a joint brief, and it’s the one that goes the deepest into all of these facts outside the pleadings.’

The important point is the [sic] reference. Court transcribers when an incorrect word is used insert the [sic] reference. The notation indicates that what is transcribed is what was said even though it is incorrect.

The transcriber believed the Judge’s reference to Quindell was an error. This is why he alerted the reader to it.

Reading the whole document it is clear the comment is about Navseeker and not Quindell.


The blagger and NAB have either not understand the [sic] reference after Quindell or have for whatever reason decided not to mention in their articles and blog.

The judge does not believe Quindell is or are in financial dire straights.

Yet again in my opinion this is a clear case of information being twisted by the blagger to fit with his agenda.


2. Court Transcript Laurence Baker, et al. v. Hassan Sadiq, et al. and NavSeeker, Inc.
C.A. No. 9464-VCL, transcript (Del. Ch. Oct. 14, 2014


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