Quindell and the Swinton contract.

On the 8th December the Sheriff of Aim*  in his blog made the following statement with regards to the Swinton contract SEE HERE.

“Just a couple of months ago Swinton was going to renew. I am told that the release was ready. However an industry source tells me that Winton [sic] has now got cold feet and has refused to sign an extension as of today and is now looking at other options.”

On the 10th December, two days later, Quindell, issued the following statement SEE HERE.

“Swinton Group Limited (“Swinton”), one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers with over 1.2 million motor policy holders has signed a multi-year contract renewal with Quindell”

We can conclude from this the Sheriff of Aim* yet again has issued inaccurate information about Quindell.  Will he fess up and issue a correction?

If you want factual information about Quindell visit QPPSAG or the Quindell website. 


Sheriff of Aim* – self-appointed title that means nothing.  It is a fact, most play Cowboys and Indians when they are children and not in adulthood. 


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