2 responses to “Quindell and share price manipulation

  1. This is just plain wrong. And certainly not a fact.

    The people who have exited from this stock are not, in the main, the Private Investors. Private investor will cling on and in the case of this stock have very frequently doubled up.

    The people who have exited have been the institutional investors and the ‘insiders’ . Fidelity, R Terry, NEDS and the exec board.

    Quindell’s share price has fallen not because of Private Investors exiting. It is because what limited news there is, is genuinely not good and the major investors are offloading. They.are not happy with the QPP explanations. They are hard headed investors whose funds are controlled by investment committees who, even if they have bought in at 300p, will sell at 30p because, for them, something is better than nothing. Whereas the PI will hope for the best.

    The PIs may be correct. Nobody really knows (although RT’s reaction to an external audit can hardly be described as good) .

    But please don’t peddle the paranoia stuff.


  2. Patrick Canavan

    You are dismissing Greets case wrongly.
    First the biggest drop in value was caused
    by the initial attack by the Shorts and this was
    hit stop losses of PI’s & therefore they lost out.
    I did not hear of any reduction by institutional
    holders in the first 6 months. These all occurred
    later. Many PI’s sold under pressure from
    Bloggers, BB’s where deliberate lies/ rumours
    were regularly posted. Many sold out of fear
    that their pension/ lump sums would be wiped
    out. Others were caught for Margin calls of
    up to 100% by brokers eg Interactive Brokers.
    So I think you are wrong & with a bad attitude
    as well.


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