Christmas message from the Quindell Echo

The Shareprophets site has stated on numerous occasions that Quindell will cease trading before Christmas.

As Christmas is only a few days away, I thought I would, while I have the opportunity, set the record straight with regard to some of the criticism about the biased nature of the content in the  Echo.

Firstly it has always been known that the Quindell Echo is run by a private investor with a longterm investment in Quindell and has nothing to do with the Quindell Group. See HERE.

I have been asked on numerous occasions  why the Quindell Echo contains information that supports Quindell and the content is mainly positive. This is my response:

1. The Echo attempts to provide conclusions and opinions based on factual information to inform Quindell’s private investors.

2. The aim is to question  false allegations and rumour posted by detractors of Quindell.

3. Why as an investor in Quindell would I post negative information?

When the investment opportunity the Quindell business provides no longer exists the Quindell Echo blog will also no longer exist.

Why would I spend hours every week blogging about a business that I believed had no future?

It is a fact that Shareprophets on a daily basis, blogs negative information about Quindell and people associated with the business.

Why would anybody do that unless they had a motive? Could it be a route to generate revenue?

For the avoidance of  doubt whilst I have an investment in Quindell and believe in the businesses growth potential I will continue to blog positive and thought-provoking information. I will not, like Shareprophets post negative post after negative post. The Echo will instead cease to exist.

With only a few days to go before Christmas and the apparent demise of Quindell I thought I would post this now while I have the chance.

On Christmas Day will the Echo or the blagger on Shareprophets lose all credibility?


Foot notes:

1. The Echo has declined advertising opportunities. This blog is not about revenue generation.

2. For those who wish to debate negative and positive information about the Quindell business I strongly suggest you join the Quindell Share Action Group. See HERE.


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