Waitrose distance themselves from Shareprophets

The Echo reported yesterday that several major companies have decided to block the advertising of their products on the Shareprophets site.

The bog contained the following observation:

“This raises the question as to why some companies are advertising their products on a site next to content that is vulgar, abusive and contains obscenities.

In my opinion they are probably unaware!”   See HERE.

In transpires that many of these companies are unaware.

The Waitrose brand was tarnished when Waitrose advertisements started to appear next to vulgar, racist and abusive blogs on the Shareprophets site.

Waitrose a respected brand, once they became aware, immediately took steps to ensure their products never again appeared on a Shareprophets site.

Waitrose still have the high ground with regard to their business ethics and this was demonstrated as they also took the following action.

Whilst also protecting their brand, Waitrose notified to my knowledge at least one other major company about potential reputational damage due to association with the Shareprophets site.

Are other companies advertising on the Shareprophets site aware their brands are appearing on a site containing vile abusive and degrading language?


2 responses to “Waitrose distance themselves from Shareprophets

  1. Correction.

    “Magic & Sparkle” is not the strap line for Waitrose. It is the strap line for Marks and Spencer. The blog has been updated to correct this error.


  2. If require evidence please contact Waitrose CEO office or alternatively £1000 donation to AA and I will provide.


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