Quindell Christmas stocking filler.


The reasons for wanting additional Quindell stock in my stocking is simple. The indicators highlight this is and will continue to be a successful business.

Detractors will not and cannot answer a few simple questions asked in a previous Quindell Echo blog. See HERE.

Indicators of Quindell’s Success

1) Payment of Corporation Tax

The company will have paid in the region of paid  £72million in Corporation Tax in 2014.

Only successful businesses pay Corporation Tax.

2) Forensic analysis of accounts and business

Due to many spurious allegations the business has had its accounts and announcements forensically challenged for accuracy. It is inconceivable KPMG haven’t checked every single detail before signing off the accounts.

3) PwC Review

PwC have been reviewing the business for weeks and no RNS has been released to indicate they have uncovered any major concerns.

Shareholders would be advised immediately if the BOD had been informed of any interim findings indicating a major issue.

4) Cash Positive and Increased Cash Inflow

Crossed over to cash positive in July 2014 ahead of forecast.

All indicates Quindell are successful and will continue with this success into the future. I know what I want for Christmas and that’s more Quindell stock. 

The rise in the share price I will be happy to happen in the New Year.


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