JLP refuse to be associated with Shareprophets site

The Quindell Echo reported a couple of days ago that Waitrose have blocked the advertising of their products on the Shareprophets site. Waitrose not wanting to be associated with a site that contains vulgar and abusive content. See HERE

For the original article on major companies boycotting the Shareprophets site see HERE.

Today I can reveal that John Lewis have also taken steps to ensure their company does not advertise on the Shareprophets site.

The John Lewis Partnership (JLP) strap line for Christmas is  “Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of“.

JLP unfortunately have not been given the Christmas they have been dreaming of, as their business has advertised on the Shareprophets site alongside content that is vulgar, abusive and threatening.

JLP have spent years promoting their family friendly image and to have this jeopardized with their brand been seen alongside sexist, racist content must have been the catalyst for them to take action within 48 hours.

More and more companies are taking steps to distance themselves from the Shareprophets site.


One response to “JLP refuse to be associated with Shareprophets site

  1. If require evidence please contact JLP CEO office direct or £1000 donation to AA and I will provide.


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