Slater & Gordon deal moving to the final stages?

The Facts

1. Slater and Gordon are interested in putting in an offer for the Quindell Legal Services division.

2. S&G have an exclusivity period to formalise their offer.

3. Mr Grech, S&G CEO arrives from Australia this week to attend meeting with Quindell.

4. S&G business update due 10th February 2015


a) If the CEO intends to be in Australia for an S&G business update on the 10th February, why would Mr Grech fly from Australia to the UK now?

Would anybody travel for four days in a six-day period if didn’t believe a deal was going to happen?

b) Is it possible to give an update on the S&G business on the 10th February without mentioning a potential deal with Quindell that will potentially double the size of the business?

c) Would the most senior person in S&G meet with Quindell before an outline deal had been agreed in principle?

The ducks are all lining up nicely for an announcement regarding the Quindell and S&G deal soon.


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