Why would a Slater & Gordon deal with Quindell be good for S&G?

Why would a  Slater and Gordon deal with Quindell be good for S&G?

1. S&G have just bought a hearing loss specialist (see their latest trading update). If you listen to Quindell’s detractors they would have you believe NIHL future revenues are questionable  and Quindell’s NIHL work is worthless.

S&G like Quindell recognise the value of this element of the business.

S&G actions increasing their exposure to the NIHL market provides a very good indicator that others are aligned with  Quindell’s views of the market.

2. S&G H1 presentation stated that Quindell’s troubles had little to do with its legal practices. This indicates S&G have confidence in the Quindell model and it aligns with how they operate.

3. S&G continues to assert their interest in the UK is all about scale. The easiest way they can obtain an additional 7% market share is to purchase QLS.

4. S&G is on 19x forward earnings, so the opportunity for accretion is huge.

5. The S&G share price continues to rise mainly on the expectation of the Quindell deal.

For other reasons why Quindell deal will be good for Slater & Gordon See Here.


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    S&G Quindell deal will be excellent news for S&G


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