Signs look positive regarding Quindell S&G deal.

The Slater and Gordon exclusivity period finishes on the 31st March 2015.

The following indicators highlight that many are expecting a positive outcome.

Slater and Gordon Share Price.

1. Slater share price closed up 2.4% at 7.66 AUD on Friday

2. Slater share price has risen 19.7% since 1st January 2015.

Quindell Share Price

1. Quindell share price has risen 201% since 1st January 2015.

2. Quindell share price has risen 32% in March.

The following chart indicates the moving averages of the share price.



Ennismore have significantly reduced their short position.

It remains to be seen if Ben Harrington’s prediction that an announcement will be made on the 23rd March materializes.

If not the 23rd we will get an announcement on or before the 31st March 2015 and more likely than not towards the end of next week.


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