Quindell news imminent

The tap will be turned on next week with regard to news announcements from Quindell. The exclusivity deal with Slater and Gordon finishes this month. We Should therefore expect news on the deal to be released on or before the 31st March 2015.

Once we have received information on the Slater and Gordon deal we should then hear news on the following.

1. End of year trading statement.

2. New Contracts. Business in the past has said it will not announce information on new contracts worth less than £100m. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had an announcement grouping these contracts together.

3. Board Announcements.

4. New structure of the business.

5. Major Shareholder announcement.

6. Results of the NIHL and PwC reviews.  Possibly not released as less relevant after S&G deal.

7. North America focus.

8. Deals with car manufacturers

It is very noticeable we have received very little information about the company’s progress since interest shown in QLS by Slater and Gordon,

We are going to go from a news drought to a tsunami of news after the Slater and Gordon deal reaches its conclusion.

Providing S&G deal at levels muted in the press and item 1 above has no surprises these are exciting times for long-term investors.

Longterm investors are soon going to be rewarded for their patience and holding strong during a sustained period of market manipulation.


One response to “Quindell news imminent

  1. I agree, the market will be expecting news to be released within the next week or two. However, I don’t agree with the suggestion that there is a possibility that news of the long awaited review (15 weeks since the PWV review announced) won’t be released since the results will, first and foremost, be dependent upon them and reflect them.

    Extracted from RNS dated Monday 12th January 2015…..
    “The Group’s revenue and earnings are subject to the Independent Review of accounting policies and guidance will be given by the Board following conclusion of the Review.”

    Extracted from RNS dated Monday 8th December 2014…..
    ” Further to the recent board changes, the Group’s ongoing development and the announcement on 13 October 2014 in relation to its internal business review on Noise Induced Hearing Loss, and in conjunction and consultation with the Company’s bankers, advisers and auditors, PwC is being engaged to carry out an independent review. This will review, inter alia, the Group’s main accounting policies and expectations as to cash generation into 2015. Initial work on this review has commenced and the Board will update shareholders on its results and provide future guidance in due course.”


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