Quindell PwC review comments by the blogger

Rumours have been rife that one of Quindell’s main detractors is no longer being paid to publish negative articles about Quindell. This rumour gained some credibility when we reached a milestone of over 10 days without one negative article being published.

The detractor has stated he is not being paid to write negative articles about Quindell.

I have no evidence to suggest he isn’t telling the truth. If however you have any evidence please let me know.

Today however a negative blog regarding the PwC review was published and tries to insinuate information is being held back from shareholders.

For clarity I would add the following points that should be considered:

1. Quindell are not late issuing their 2014 results. To suggest they are is factually incorrect.

2. The blog suggests Quindell’s banks have asked for the PwC review to be carried out. No evidence exists whatsoever to suggest banks have asked for the PwC review.

3. If the banks had asked for the PwC review, as stated in the blog, the review would be theirs and not Quindell’s. Quindell wouldn’t therefore be in a position to publish the review.

4. Slater and Gordon use aggressive accounting policies. Would they want the review issued?

5. If you want to know if the PwC review will ever see the light of day please click here.

The blog contains the usual muck raking of old information and it is difficult to understand why such a blog would be published when it will be only fit for the trash can after the Slater and Gordon RNS deal announcement.


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