Quindell RNS indicates Shareholder value being released.

The Slater and Gordon Quindell RNS is out and contains some very positive messages and information for shareholders, See Here.

The following are some of the key messages from the RNS:

1) A minimum of £500m is being returned to investors. My understanding is after discussions with major shareholders, due to the tax implications this will not be in the form of a special dividend.

This could be via a share buy back.

2) No tax will be payable by Quindell associated with the sale due to ‘major shareholder exclusion’.

3) Quindell are using part of the proceeds to pay their £47m debt. Therefore Quindell will be a debt free business.

4) Revisions to historical profit levels due to alternative accounting process being adopted, as recommended by PwC, will result in a tax rebate.

5) Non core elements of the business being sold and revenue being returned to shareholders.

6) Rose and Sutcliffe as per their previous announcement are not taking up their option entitlements.

7) Future revenues from NIHL being returned to shareholders.

8) PwC review hasn’t uncovered accounting irregularities. The RNS states policies recognising revenue and deferring case acquisition costs, aggressive, but acceptable practice.

The message is clear, Rose and Sutcliffe are;

a) returning value to shareholders

b) streamlining the business


One response to “Quindell RNS indicates Shareholder value being released.

  1. My hat’s off to the Board for pulling off this disposal. From SGH’s viewpoint, the UK operation will dominate their business and it’s a big chunk of business to digest.

    It’s also interesting to note the scale of the hearing loss cases, the difficulties evaluating them and the indicative settlement timescales. No wonder Quindell’s working capital was “stressed”.

    Regarding your point 4). It is incorrect to state that Quindell will receive a tax rebate (due to restated profits for FY 2013) unless you are suggesting that FY 2014 results will produce a taxable loss.

    Regarding your point 6). I believe the RNS stated that Jim Sutcliffe won’t be taking up his post.

    Credit also to the Chairman Designate to emphasise his intentions regarding strong Corporate Governance.


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