Quindell and the shadow of Rob Terry

Rob Terry, who has nothing to do with Quindell, other than owning a few shares, has announced that post the EGM he will state why he believes the Quindell share price should be £2+.

So what’s happening with regard to Rob Terry’s interest in Quindell?

1. RT has stated that he will be voting yes at the EGM. Why would he vote yes when he has also stated that Slater and Gordon are getting a bargain?

It would make sense to vote no if you thought the asset had a greater value. Could it be because RT wants the returned capital to use as part of his ‘overall’ investment strategy?

2. Rob Terry recently rebranded / re-launched his investment vehicle Quob Park Estate. The focus of Quob Park Estate is to invest and work with businesses that benefit from digital disruption.

The Quindell business model is based on digital disruption.

3. Rob Terry according to the shares register only has c1m shares in Quindell. Would he waste his time making a statement after the EGM about Quindell if he only has c1m shares?

How many shares does he actually have control over when you add family, friends, past Directors and Quob holdings?

4. Why is Quob using a variant of the Quindell logo as its logo? Quindell have registered the leaf logo.

5. Rob Terry via Quob Park Estate has acquired 8.994% of Daniel Stewart Securities. Daniel Stewart having previously been the Quindell NOMAD. Is the intention to reverse Quob into Dan to gain an AIM listing?

Why would RT mention that his target is to secure more stock in Daniel Stewart before the sp rises above 4.5p? This is very strange when the sp is currently 1.3p.

Something is going on and those that invested in Daniel Stewart over the last few weeks have made significant returns.

6. Why is Rob Terry tweeting about Quindell?

Rob Terry has more cards to play with regard to his interest in Quindell.

Will Quindell pre-empt the post EGM Rob Terry announcement by providing more information about the remaining businesses potential?


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