Quob Park, telematics and Quindell

Robert Terry announces in an interview with the Telegraph (see here) that he has a £50m war chest. I’m intrigued as to why he would announce the extent of his available resources.

In a previous blog ( see here) I made it clear that Rob Terry probably still had a hand to play in the future of Quindell.

The jewel in the crown of what is left of the Quindell business is telematics. The potential for telematics is huge and it isn’t therefore a surprise that others are interested in the business. This is a link to an article that indicates what the future holds for Quindell and telematics.

With a £50m – £60m offer having already been rejected by Quindell, it is evident that should Rob Terry via Quob Park Estates wish to make a bid for the telematics associated parts of Quindell his war chest at £50m isn’t yet large enough.

Quob Park Estates this month asked people if they are interested in investment opportunities associated with disruptive technology to register their interest with Quob Park Estates. Will some of those who will be receiving capital from the  Quindell sale of part of the business to Slater and Gordon be using the returned capital to invest in Quob Park Estates?

Rob Terry is building his stake in Daniel Stewart an AIM listed company. When / if he increases his shareholding in Daniel Stewart is he going to use this as the vehicle to get an AIM listing for Quob Park Estates?

When is Quob Park Estates going to reveal its hand with regard to Quindell and telematics?

Lots of questions but no answers.


I have always been interested in Quindell for the telematics side of the business. If Quob Park Estates makes a successful bid  I would want to reap the benefit from being a Quindell share holder as well as the benefit from being an investor in Quob Park Estates.

The question in my mind is should I buy shares in Daniel Stewart in the hope the above scenario happens?

Currently I’ve made the decision not to invest as it is still a gamble rather than an investment.

Those that have invested in Daniel Stewart over the last few weeks have made significant returns.

Rob Terry has made it clear he wishes to purchase more shares. To do this he obviously would like the share price to drop from the current levels. With the announcement that Daniel Stewart’s NOMAD is departing will the announcement about a new NOMAD be delayed until the 11th hour to spook private investors?

This would result in the sp dropping and possibly provide an opportunity to buy.

In the absence of sufficient information to know what’s going on I’m going to sit on the sidelines a little longer.


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