Daniel Stewart share price.

Why did Daniel Stewart (DAN) share price increase by 15% last week finishing at 1.52p on no news?

Rob Terry has made it clear  via his new investment vehicle Quob Park Estate that he has an investment in DAN and believes the share price has some upside.

We also have a tweet from Quob Park Estate (see here) stating that Quob Park Estate will be using DAN and are intending to put a significant tranche of work their way.

Quob Park have also quashed rumours that QPE intend to carry out a reverse takeover of DAN.

All of the above would not explain why on Friday DAN shares rose by 8%.

Rumours have been  circulating that DAN news will be released next week.  It would appear with the movement in the share price that some have invested based on these rumours.

It’s possible that as these shares have previously been suspended (see here) resulting in a collapse of the share price that the current low sp provides an opportunity for some significant upside.

A risk but with Daniel Stewart securing new clients (Imaginatik Plc ) and QPE putting work their way this could have some potential upside.

Note: I have an investment in DAN


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