Quindell rock solid foundations.

The Quindell RNS dated 29th May 2015  (see here) confirmed much of what we already knew about the business whilst providing further detail.

A quality group of Non-executive Directors have joined the board with the Right Honourable Lord Howard of Lympne, CH, QC joining as Senior Non-executive Director.

The Lord Howard appointment demonstrates Quindell have  serious ambitions to drive forward the business.

Would Lord Howard join the business if he didn’t believe in the future of Quindell?

In the coming months we should find out more detail regarding Quindells plans for:

  • Quindell Technologies Limited
  • Quindell Property Services
  • Quindell Solutions Inc.
  • Quote Supermarket
  • Himex
  • Ingenie
  • Quindell Enterprise Technologies Solutions
  • Marine Finance
  • Quindell Resourcing
  • PT Health
  •  etc, etc.

This RNS highlights, cement and aggregate have been added to the sand and the business now has rock solid foundations.

This is the start of a new beginning for the business.


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