What are Rob Terry’s reasons for investing in Imaginatik?

When Rob Terry left Quindell, many including myself took an interest in Quob Park Estates (QPE) the vehicle being used for his business interests.

What was of interest to me was how Rob Terry would fast track acquisition of an AIM listed company. This I believed being one of his goals.

Rob Terry then started to acquire shares in Daniel Stewart (DAN) and many believed DAN would be used as the AIM listed vehicle for his business. This resulted in many investors buying shares in DAN and those who invested in the early days made returns of 700%+.

Rob Terry then stated it was not his intention to use DAN as a fast track route to acquiring an AIM listed business.

This raised the question as to what business would be used to gain access to AIM and the reason for my original interest in Imaginatik.

Imaginatik was of interest for the following reasons:

1. The offices of QPE and Imaginatik are both in Fareham.
2. Imaginatik recently appointed DAN as their broker.
3. Imaginatik is an innovative technology business and therefore has synergies with the QPE Business.
4. The CEO of Imaginatik, Ralph Welborn has interests in North America as does Rob Terry.

When the CEO of Imaginatik was approached on the 8th June and asked about their relationship with QPE and Rob Terry he clarified the following:

a) Imaginatik has no business relationship with Quob Park Estates or Rob Terry.

b) The reason Daniel Stewart was chosen as their broker was due to a pre-existing relationship with David Cofman, who is Head of Corporate Finance at Daniel Stewart.

We have also today had an RNS from Imaginatik stating they are not aware that QPE are purchasing shares.

We now know via the Betaville blog that Rob Terry has been building a stake in Imaginatik. This having been confirmed via QPE tweets.

I would expect another RNS from Imaginatik this week regarding QPE purchasing shares in the business.

Is Imaginatik going to be used by Rob Terry as the AIM vehicle for his business?

As the CEO of Imaginatik on the 8th June had no knowledge of Rob Terry or QPE it would be logical to assume that no conversation has been had between the two businesses regarding the future direction of Imaginatik.

I have therefore concluded that Imaginatik is seen as a business opportunity by QPE rather than the vehicle for an AIM listing.


If DAN and Imaginatik are not being considered as routes to the AIM market it begs the question as to why they are not suitable?

The QPE website contains the following paragraph regarding how the QPE investment strategy differs from the approach taken when Rob Terry was in charge of Quindell:

“Despite delivering significant returns, this methodological approach did have its faults, but the Quob Park Estate team have enhanced and perfected it to once again be used to support our planned rapid growth, and deliver significant returns for our investors”.

Looking back at Quindell the key event that had the biggest impact on the reversal in fortunes of the business was the shorting attack. If this hadn’t happened the business could have easily secured funding to continue its growth and deliver exceptional returns.

Does the enhanced and perfected model mean QPE have no intention of entering the AIM market? This would eliminate any possibility of a shorting attack.

Is Imaginatik a good investment?

As no new information is available in the public domain regarding new contracts or a change in the prospects for Imaginatik you would question if this is a good investment.

I have however invested as early investors in DAN have made a 700%+ return and  I can see no reason why significant returns can’t also be made with Imaginatik due to the ‘Rob Terry’ effect.


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