How will QPE return profits to investors?

In a previous blog (see here) it was highlighted that Quob Park Estates will not be seeking an AIM listing.

So how will QPE provide capital returns to private investors?

Is it possible a mixture of the following will be used?

1. Some of the QPE investment opportunities such as 360globalnet will seek a listing on AIM or another platform. This would generate capital returns in the form of public shares or cash for distribution to QPE investors.

2. QPE pay dividends.

3. Use an alternative platform to the stock exchange to trade shares in QPE.

QPE has a stated goal of returning to share holders by one route or another up to 50% of its gains within 3-5 years.

If QPE use a combination of the above three routes, investors would be able to invest in QPE businesses via the stock market or via the main private company.

This provides a mix and match approach to investing in QPE and its businesses and has the following benefits:

a) Eliminates the risk of a shorting attack if you invest in the main private company.

b) Provides the opportunity to release capital for those who don’t want their capital locked in a ‘traditional’ private company.

c) Provides  routes for QPE to return capital returns to investors as businesses enter the stock market.

It is therefore possible QPE may use a listed company, which they first invest in, for a reverse of a QPE investment.

This is why I have decided to invest in Daniel Stewart and Imaginatik as they could be used for option 1 above.


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