Why invest in Daniel Stewart?

Daniel Stewart is a business that has in recent weeks started to receive a lot of interest from private investors.

The reasons i’ve became interested and invested in Daniel Stewart are;

1. Believe the sp was in a distressed position because of AIM suspension. The share price should therefore go up from the point when I invested as its issues are resolved.
2. Know several astute investors who have taken up substantial positions in the company.
3. Management team has been strengthened.
4. The 3.35p placing. Institutional investors would only take up at 3.35p if believed upside from that point.
5. RT investment in business. RT investment provides the catalyst, with his wealth for accelerating  DAN from a distressed business to an investable business.
6. Competitors in the same sector have sp rating greater than DAN.
7. They are significantly increasing their client base receiving work from QPE, 360Global, SMI, Imaginatik etc.

So I’m expecting more growth and see a fair bit of upside yet.

With negative press coverage this weekend about Rob Terry it is possible the DAN share price will drop on Monday. I shall take the opportunity should it present itself to increase my investment.

DAN isn’t an investment for the weak but the returns could be significant.


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