Claims Companies Circle around Quindell

Longterm investors in Quindell are being targeted by claims companies who are offering to take legal action on their behalf with regard to alleged breaches of section 90A of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Several using the strap line “NO WIN NO FEE”.

This is an extract from one such company outlining the fee options.

  • Option 1 – A “NO WIN NO FEE” option where no Assessment Fee is payable and the Success Fee is capped at 25% + VAT (*other charges may apply)
  • Option 2 – An Assessment Fee of £495 +VAT = £594 is payable in advance with a Success Fee which is capped at 20% + VAT
These are my observations:
1) With  option 1 other charges may apply. In other words it isn’t “NO WIN NO FEE”. Looks like a “FEE FOR NO WIN” to me.
2) When it says capped at 25% / 20% I guarantee the success fee will be 25% / 20%.


These claims companies are in my opinion leeches.
For a fee of £594 (inc VAT) I will instigate a claim against claims companies for trying to fleece Quindell  investors (*other charges may apply).
If you want to make a claim and fill my bank account please click here.


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