VAST – an investment opportunity about to deliver.

VAST Resources  issued two RNS’s the last week of September.  One stated VAST had made its first gold sale and the other that the first sale of concentrate had happened.

In other words RNS’s highlight that mines are moving forward towards full production.

I do not  believe for one minute VAST have progressed  two mines to the production stage if they will not be viable mines.

It is therefore surprising that since the release of the two RNS’s that the share price has fallen.

VAST are at the start-up stage as highlighted on the following chart.


The wider market will soon realise the potential of the business and as indicated on the above chart you would expect other institutional investors to start taking their positions.

VAST will soon, not be valued as a speculative mining operation but as a mining operation in production.

We still have the licence news for the Baita Plai mine to come. When this does land it could be the catalyst as this also opens up opportunities for other revenue streams as indicated in the following graphic. 


The current market cap in my opinion will in a very short period of time look very different.


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