WRES – La Parrilla the hidden opportunity

Why is the La Parrilla mine a good investment opportunity?

  • Largest mine of its kind in the western world.
  • High tungsten grade.
  • Latest assay results not taken into account in current resource estimations or return on investment.
  • Finance costs for stage 1 estimated at $16m compared with $100m for comparable operations. Low operating costs of $121 MTU as a shallow pit open mine.
  • 1st stage expects to deliver a minimum of 1200 tonnes+ of 66% tungsten and 400 tonnes of tin. Revised JORC will substantially increase these figures.
  • Very conservative figures indicate first year turnover will be £18m rising to £63m in 2018 when stage 2 online. Figures based on outdated information.
  • Latest significantly improved assay results impacts stage 1 mine (i.e. early revenue stream).

All the information investors are making decisions on is out of date. Once the business provides the latest JORC information the predicted returns will IMHO substantially increase.

This sleeping giant will soon deliver for WRES shareholders.


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