Watchstone and Hubio launch

The share price of Watchstone stock increased Friday as shareholders took their positions ready for the launch of Hubio next week.

Hubio integrates several Watchstone products, providing an integrated solution for customers in the insurance and auto industries. Hubio will comprise of the Himex, QETS and QSI businesses.


Himex is an end-to-end UBI platform, integrating with  management systems to launch UBI programmes efficiently and effectively. Used for usage based insurance, fleet and claims management.

A strong USP is the  3D platform delivers a game-based solution for the young that promotes improved driving behaviour.

Quindell Enterprise Technology Solutions (QETS)

QETS  provides insurance companies with a full software solution from issue of the policy to claims management using telematics.

Quindell Solutions Inc (QSI)

QSI operate predominately in North America and have for the last 10 years delivered broker solutions that generate recurring licenses and revenues. The offering provides usage based auto insurance to major US and Canadian insurance companies.


When Hubio is launched next week investors will understand more clearly the direction the business is heading and the strategy being implemented by new CEO Indro Mukerjee.

The launch of Hubio should be a new beginning for the Watchstone business. We will soon know what institutional investors think about the direction the business is moving in and its prospects.


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