Watchstone – Hubio goes live

Hubio the umbrella brand for Himex, QSI and QETS this week launched an impressive website (see here).

This is an extract from the website introducing Hubio.

Welcome to Hubio, a new technology brand that brings together the award winning IP of four established companies from the world of telematics, connected vehicles and usage based insurance (UBI).

Our mission is to help clients build new business models that address some of the rapidly emerging challenges in the insurance and automotive service sectors:

  • How to develop ongoing relationships with customers that enhance engagement, loyalty and retention.
  • How to influence the behaviour of customers in ways that fundamentally impact the costs – and opportunities – of doing business
  • How to achieve customer service excellence (and therefore competitive advantage) by integrating real time consumer data with back office administration systems
  • How to balance the cost of telematics against the value it provides, maximising ROI


For more information on Himex, QSI and QETS see here.



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