WRES and link with MTR.

Speculation over the last few days that WRES are doing a deal with Metal Tiger (MTR).

I’m not sure a link exists as WRES are focused on La Parrilla and obtaining the finance to get into production. The fact that MTR have a tungsten resource within 43km of La Parrilla isn’t going to help with finance.

The talk seems to have arisen for the following reasons:

  1. MTR in a recent broker note compared the quality of one of their resources with that of WRES.
  2. MTR and WRES have presentations over the next few days and on the day of the WRES presentation MTR are making public their strategy.

Think these are a bit tenuous. Wouldn’t they have had their presentations on the same day at the same event if collaborating with one another?

It is however clear that Michael Masterman has news he wants to share as he has the following events arranged:

  1. 25th February Proactive Investors event.
  2. 2nd March Cornhill Capital event.
  3. 8th March London Capital event.

We wait to see if we receive news about finance or an update regarding Régua or La Parrilla resources.



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