Metal Tiger news a game changer


On the 24th February this article indicated why I believed Metal Tiger was  a potential investment opportunity (see here).

Those that invested on the 24th February will currently, after 2-3 weeks be sitting on a profit of 130%.

If you look at the graphic contained in the above article (right hand corner) it provides the logic as to why the Botswana project mentioned in this weeks MTR RNS has a conservative estimate valuing it at between 14p to 71p per share.

The current 130% share price increase will look insignificant when compared with the gains that potentially will be realised. Even the low estimate of 14p is a long way from the current share price of 2.7p.

We will find out, probably before the ASX market opens tonight in Australia the potential of the MOD joint venture (MTR own 5% of MOD and 30% of the JV).

With one company having already offered $840m for the Botswana prospect and this having been rejected it is easy to see why MOD have suspended their shares before the release of the significant drill results.

This news on its own is a game changer for MTR.

It is hard to believe the MTR share price will remain at current levels this afternoon when all the indicators are so positive.



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