#MTR Botswana copper and predicted copper shortage

Metal Tiger with their joint venture partner MOD have released RNS’s that have begun to give an indication of the extent of their significant copper resources in Botswana. When we have the assay results, if they are as expected the impact on the market cap of Metal Tiger could be significant.

The timing of the find couldn’t be better with the global use of copper increasing and the supply predicted to be in deficit in the next couple of years.

This article (see here) highlights the scramble to secure copper assets and we also have Rio Tinto’s new CEO saying he is in the market for tier one copper projects (see here).

Modern technology is copper reliant. For example the increase in the copper content in next generation cars.

Copper Deficit_06

Whilst the graphic in this link clearly indicates all the reasons why we will have a copper shortage in the next couple of years (see here). The shortage is highlighted below.

Copper Deficit_06

In summary, Metal Tiger have an asset that major players in the market, if they want to maintain market share  will want to acquire.  It remains to be seen if:

a) an unsolicited offer is made

b) asset is put up for sale by MOD/MTR

c) institutional investors start buying MTR stock.

With a copper shortage and organisations looking to buy copper assets, if the MTR assay results and bore holes indicate we have a porphyries (see graphic below) then this is definitely a game changer for the MTR business.








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