#MTR -Reasons to be positive about pending news.

Interest in Metal Tiger is growing. The following are some interesting pointers for those invested in MTR:

A. Increase in interest in MTR

Greets echo blogs about Metal Tiger are being read by a increasing number of Australians (27% of views in the last 24 hours). This is why I believe this is significant:

1. Australians tend to be ahead of the curve with regard to mining shares.
2. Have Australian investors realised with MOD Resource listed on the Australian stock exchange having seen their share price increase by c350% in the last few weeks that MTR should also see their share price rerate significantly? MTR have 35% of he Botswana joint venture with MOD Resouces.

B. Presentation 20th April 2016 (see here)

3. Why would Julian Hanna the Managing Director of MOD fly from Australia to the UK to present at the presentation on the 20th April when MOD shares are listed on the Austrlian stock exchange?

This probably isn’t a run of the mill presentation, it has to be off the back of significant news.

4. Terry Grammer, MTR Chairman is flying in from Australia to attend the presentation. Why?

C. The language being used

5. Managing Director of MOD states the Botswana results are extraordinary.

6.MOD state that initial indications are we have discovered a ‘hydrothermal type of mineralisation’ unlike anything else in the area. To put this in layman terms this is the discovery of a large concentration of metallic minerals. We will soon have more information on these minerals.

D. MOD/MTR actions

7. Why are MOD/MTR fast tracking drilling and assay results?

In conclusion whilst recent information released by the businesses isn’t new the indications are very positive that significant news will soon be released.


Why have I invested in Metal Tiger rather than MOD resources?

MOD have the Botswana projects and an interest in Sams Creek, New Zealand an asset they are selling. MOD are therefore totally reliant on Botswana and the risks associated wth any political and economic changes.

The MTR strategy is to reduce risk by focusing on different minerals in different countries. MTR have interests in Botswana, Russia, Spain, Tanzania and Thailand.

If Botswana doesn’t deliver MTR have other significant opportunities. I admit it’s a small if, but its still a risk.


One response to “#MTR -Reasons to be positive about pending news.

  1. Sam’s Creek has an existing JORC compliant Mineral Resource. Containing approximately 1.0Moz gold. MOD looking to sell in a market where the gold price has been rapidly rising, to focus on Botswana.

    Botswana still awaiting initial assay results on T3/T4 JORC compliant resource. Says a lot about the confidence MOD have in Botswana project.


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