#MTR significant find in Botswana


Metal Tiger share continues to perform well as more investors become aware of the potential.

It is a good indicator as to what the BOD expect to happen to the share price when they are investing their own money in the business.

We also have the wife of the CEO invested in Metal Tiger and now the wife of the Chaiman has invested $A250k in the business.

Why would the BOD and their families be investing heavily in the business?

The biggest green flag for private investors is Terry Grammer, one of the top geologists in the world is investing in Metal Tiger? Why would he and his family be investing in MTR?

One thing for sure, it’s a clear indication that a placing, isn’t going to happen anytime soon as predicted by some.

We know we have in bore hole T3 encountered chalcopyrite mineralisation, a huge horizontal layer.


Chalcopyrite, is basically a concentration of minerals consisting of a sulphide of copper and iron that can form in huge masses. Is this what we have in the T3 dome?

What we don’t know is the size and quality of the resource. Will our deposit be like that of the Copperfields mine in Canada with the ore having a 28% copper content?

Another good indicator that we have something significant is MOD Resources our joint  venture partner are selling their Sam’s Creek gold mine in New Zealand. This is a JORC compliant mineral resource containing a significant quantity of gold.

Why would MOD sell a proven resource to concentrate on an unproven resource in Botswana?

All the indicators are the assay results, reiterating words used by the MOD and MTR BOD’s will be significant / extraordinary.

It is also worth reminding ourselves with the current focus on Botswana that the Metal Tiger business is not a one trick pony. See here for information on other activities / prospects for the business.

We couldn’t have any clearer indicators as to what the future holds for those invested in MTR.



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