#MTR the £20m+ market cap business

I and many others believe the following are indicators that Metal Tiger is soon going to become a £20m+ market cap business.

  1. BOD and their families are buying MTR shares on the open market. Why?
  2. Has to be a reason for MOD directors flying from Australia to the UK for a Metal Tiger presentation on the 20th April 2016.
  3. Share price moving on speculation regarding Botswana. What’s going to happen when share price also starts to factor in Thailand?
  4. Market indicators are MTR is a 100% buy. Private investors are going to buy.



5. Share price resistance level is 5.404p. This is well over a market cap of £20m

6. MOD and MTR Directors are using words and phrases like significant, extraordinary, once in a life time when talking about the Botswana opportunity.

7. Why has a world renowned geologist become Chairman of a small company like Metal Tiger?

All of the above is intangible evidence that will result in share price movement based on investor sentiment.

We also know the following happening with regard to the Botswana project that will provide market certainty?

a. Two drilling rigs at T3. We will hopefully next week have information from their activity.

b. Assay results from T3 imminent. This will be the big news.

c. Diamond drill brought to site as conventional drill not robust enough to penetrate dense copper layers.

a, b and c will be the real catalysts for share price movement.

The 3.29p minimum share price target predicted on this chart (see here) has been smashed and the share price is now heading for the next target, 14.87p.

The Share Pickers podcast with Paul Johnson, MTR CEO is worth a listen (listen here) as gives an indication of the potential.



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