#MTR share price delivering for early investors


Normally when a share has reached a certain level of returns you would bank some profits. With Metal Tiger I haven’t and still  retain my 1%+ holding.

Anybody who bought Metal Tiger shares after reading the first Greets blog about the company on the 22nd February 2016 (see here) and sold yesterday on the 4th March would have, over the last 6 weeks have made a profit of 348%.

These are a few of the reasons for suggesting MTR was a possible investment opportunity.

  1. Metal Tiger CEO Paul Johnson comes across very well and is focused on delivering shareholder value.
  2. BOD have a strategy for ensuring shareholders can in the future extract their investment gains. In other words the Directors and pi’s can bank their gains without the sp collapsing.
  3. Great collection of opportunities that could all generate significant growth. Only one has to deliver for a decent return.
  4. Looking at the brokers note the sp seems incredible value.
  5. BOD are very good at keeping shareholders informed.
  6. Broker target 2.3p based on Botswana opportunity. In other words doesn’t take into account other assets / opportunities.
  7. Chairman and CEO buying shares on open market.
  8. Business comes across as being focused on delivering shareholder value. It doesn’t like many AIM companies seem to also have an eye on generating wealth for Directors at the expense of shareholders.

The reason for not banking any profits is I have a share price target of between 14p and 71p (see here).


We haven’t as yet had the awaited news from Botswana regarding further clarification about the T3 assay results and diamond drilling results, or an update regarding the Thailand opportunity.

It is very difficult to understand why an investor would sell prior to the above news being announced.


The next resistance level is 6.64p and with all indicators being this is a 100% buy the share price should continue to rise.


MOD shares on the Australian market at the time of posting this blog had risen 20%+ overnight on no news.





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