#MTR interview raises interesting questions


Good informal interview with Paul Johnson by the LSE Share Talk team. This is well worth a listen as contains a good insight as to what is currently happening in just one small part of the Metal Tiger portfolio.

It’s interesting that Paul mentions he has to be careful what he is saying and is tempering what he wants to say due to regulatory rules.

Some questions in my mind after listening to the interview are:

  1. What do MTR really want to say but can’t because of regulatory protocol?
  2. What news is imminent, for the whole MTR team to be flying out to Thailand next week?
  3.  What’s happening with the rest of the Metal Tiger portfolio?
  4. Are the MOD team really visiting London to support the MTR team at their presentation on the 20th April?

Could the real reason be  one of the following reasons:

1. Announcement that MTR taking a bigger stake in the JV.

2. MOD listing on the UK stock exchange.

3. MTR taking part of the MOD Sams Creek opportunity.

4. Somebody else taking a % of MOD stake


The presentation on the 20th April could be interesting, but one thing is for sure, more is happening than just a presentation.


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