#MTR placing news

On Friday we had a blog and several tweets about a Metal Tiger placing. The result was the share price fell slightly on Friday.

The blog and tweets are 100% false.

These are the reasons the Metal Tiger detractors are wrong and informed investors are 100% certain no placing is taking place.

  1. Presentation 20th April

On the 20th April the CEO of Metal Tiger attended a presentation in central London and when asked about a placing said at the current time MTR had no need of a placing and one would not be taking place in the near future.

This didn’t come as a surprise as MTR have no debt and have received over £1m in warrent conversions since March. In other words in the last 4 weeks an additional £1m+ has been put in the MTR bank account.


2. High nett worth individuals (HNWI)

Not one of the current HNWI invested in Metal Tiger has said they have been asked too take part in a placing.

Wouldn’t they be asked to take part in any placing?


3. Metal Tiger business model

Paul Johnson the CEO of Metal Tiger has an investor strategy that involves being 100% transparent with investors. Communication with private investors is key.

If a placing was taking place he would have no credibility as he would have misinformed investors and the strong private investor base would disappear.

4. Communication from Paul Johnson

The placing news is a complete fabrication.


No doubt those that have claimed a placing is taking place will go very quite and use a few weasel words to justify their statements.

The facts are for any reasonable person simple. No placing is taking place.

It is also worth reminding ourselves that Metal Tiger have numerous warrants. Assets that can be realised if required. For example MOD warrants highlighted below would generate £600k+ profit.



It was an indication of the strength of the MTR investor base and the strength of the company that the share price fell only slightly due to the posting of this false information.



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