Why are Metal Tiger #MTR in a hurry with their Botswana JV?

Why is the MOD/MTR joint venture drilling so fast to establish the resource we have at Botswana?

We know from the Mininghaven event held on the 20th April the followin

  1. MOD geologist (Rensburg) said he had never seen anything like the borehole arisings he had seen in his career drilling 900 boreholes in Botswana.
  2. Interest shown by three big players in the results coming from the Botswana JV.
  3. Silver grades very high compared with adjacent prospects. Cupric an adjacent prospect has 18-23g /t silver and the JV prospect has 69g /t.
  4. Much higher copper content than surrounding prospects.
  5. Adjacent prospects do not have zinc.
  6. Atleast one more rig being brought to site.
  7. 200m borehole steps being increased to 400m steps.
  8. 70m wide mineralisation hasn’t been seen before.

In conclusion the belief is the Botswana prospect is huge, on a scale not seen in the area before.

Is the joint venture in a rush for one of the following reasons?

a) What would MTR shareholders say if an offer for the JV came in at 10x the current market cap?

Is it possible MTR wish to obtain as much information as possible to ensure no offer is accepted that potentially substantially undervalues the business.

b) One of the three parties who have shown an interest has said they will make a formal offer when the resource is proven to be ‘X’.

It looks like the Botswana prospect is being fast tracked for a reason. This is going to benefit current shareholders and potentially disadvantage members of the MTR BOD who may wish to increase their holding in the business.

The faster the boreholes are completed and analysed the higher the share price is going to rise.

What is going to happen to the MOD share price on Monday after investers have read the quarterly activities report (see here)? Note this report only covers the period up to the end of March.


What is going to happen to the MTR share price when investors have read this report and the MOD share price has risen on Monday whilst the AIM market is closed?

The Botswana prospect is coming to the boil nicely.






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