#MTR Botswana prospect being sold?

Today we had the RNS releasing the Quarterly Activities Report.

imageThe interesting part of the report was the number of times Metal Tiger informed shareholders MTR had received interest from potential buyers but had not received an offer for the Botswana prospect.




Reading between the lines, what the RNS is saying is MTR have had atleast preliminary discussions with one or more potential buyers and they are preparing the business for an expected offer. 

Could it be that MTR have issued the RNS to bring to the attention of the wider market and if a potential buyer is interested in the Botswana prospect they need to move fast?

Also reading between the lines an offer is expected sooner rather than later as MTR are not waiting for the AGM to prepare the business for an offer but are calling an earlier general meeting.

For other reasons why MTR are in a hurry see here.

The AGM is only in about 10 weeks time, this would imply an offer is expected in the next 10 weeks.

Metal Tiger is maturing into a major business and longterm investors are going to do very well during this period of rapid growth.



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