#MTR mind map update. Share price rerate expected.

The Metal Tiger business has made significant progress in 2016. The MTR mind map has therefore been updated to reflect the significant progress. Changes made to the mind map are:

  1. Takes account of the increase in number of shares.
  2. Thailand deal nearing completion. Some value therefore added.
  3. Significant Botswana progress. Probability of value being added therefore increased.
  4. On market investment portfolio.


imageFor a better quality image of the map please click here.

The potential share price is now indicated as a minimum of 13.57p to 86p.

This does not take into account any value associated with the remainder of the Botswana prospect, additional Thailand opportunities, Tanzania etc..

It is easy to see with this potential why over 60% of shares are held by known longterm holders.

A share price rerate is IMHO going to happen soon.



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