#MTR news imminent?

Some interesting comments and information has been coming from Metal Tiger suggesting news is imminent. For example:

1. Why would Metal Tiger be making a promotional video about their Thailand business? This would suggest a business deal is close to being announced.

2. MTR have again stated that interest has been shown by several companies in their Botswana opportunity.

3. Regarding Spain the statement has been made that this could become large enough to be a seperate business. Does this suggest another deal is about to be announced?

4. MTR are advertising job opportunities in Thailand. Why would they do that prior to announcing a deal with the Thai mine owners? Suggests the deal is as good as done.

We also have the following that will have an impact on the MTR share price.

  • Rising gold price.
  • Release of MTR interviews over weekend – very upbeat. Astute investors are increasing their holdings based on what they have gleaned.
  • Thai standstill agreement coming to an end.
  • We know MTR Commercial Director going to Thailand this week. Suggest to complete the Thai deal.
  • Botswana – We know more bore hole results coming out this week.
  • Have shorters taken onboard the message from the Metaltiger CEO contained in the interview over the weekend and are now closing their positions?
  • Shortage of shares as LTH continue to buy. Over 60% of shares held by longterm holders.
  • MOD Managing Director has increased holding in business.
  • Zak Mir of ZaksTradingCafe has stated that he believes the MTR share price will quickly move to 5p.
  • Good quality MTR teams located across the countries in which they operate.



The indicators are we will be receiving news about Thailand, Botswana and Spain in the near future and we also have several other drivers that could push the share price higher.


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