#MTR Botswana and Thailand.

Why are so many longterm holders invested in Metal Tiger? A few of the reasons are:

  • BOD taking options at twice the prevailing share price. Demonstrates BOD have belief in business and are not creating wealth for themselves off the back of shareholders.
  • BOD have a strategy for ensuring shareholders can in the future extract their investment gains. In other words the Directors and pi’s can bank their gains without the sp collapsing.
  • Great collection of opportunities that could all generate significant growth. Only one has to deliver for shareholders to make significant returns.
  • Broker target based on Botswana opportunity. In other words doesn’t take into account other assets / opportunities such as Thailand and Spain.
  • Chairman has made significant investment in business.
  • Business comes across as being focused on delivering shareholder value. It doesn’t like many AIM companies seem to also have an eye on generating wealth for BOD.
  • Botswana data indicates MOD/ MTR probably have a tier 1 copper resource.
  • Over 60% of shares held by longterm holders.
  • Thailand deal imminent.
  • Botswana resource estimation imminent.
  • BOD very focused on communicating with and generating value for shareholders.

The following mind map highlights the different parts of the business and the potential.


For or a better quality image click here.


Why has Terry Grammer, a world renowned geologist agreed to be Chairman of MTR and is prepared to invest so much time and money in the business?

The above points and the mind map indicates why I believe he is invested. TG understands the potential of the Botswana and Thailand prospects.

The rewards these prospects could bring will dwarf the significant wealth Western Area Ltd has delivered for shareholders since Terry Grammer founded the business.

We know the MTR business has the following key dates:

1. Completion of the Thai deal (next four weeks).

2. Botswana resource estimation (September quarter).

3. Botswana open pit mine viability (end if year).

The share price is poised for a rerate. It’s not as they say, if the fat lady will sing it’s when will the fat lady sing. It could IMHO be anytime soon, be it the completion of the MOD fund raise or an RNS from MTR regarding any of their opportunities.





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