#MTR significant change coming?

The Metal Tiger Quarterly Activities Report contains some very interesting information (see here).

Botswana, Thailand, Spain and the  Asset Trading division all performing well.

Some of the content I found interesting is what is implied without being said. For example:

  • Company has a number of new opportunities under review in Australia, Cambodia, Finland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. In other words MTR portfolio is going to increase providing 1 of the 5 progresses beyond review stage.
  • Opportunities under review are being considered for inclusion …….into other AIM and/or ISDX vehicles. How will MTR BOD ensure shareholders benefit fully from any arrangement with another business? Implies structure of the business is going to change.
  • Company working capital (liquid investments and cash) is still circa £4million. Very healthy position.
  • More innovations in our investing approach can be expected in the current quarter…. This suggests it will not be a deal with another company similar to what has happened in the past. Has to happen before October if happening this quarter.
  • Botswana – Considerable interest shown in the project by third parties continues. Are MTR providing this information to keep shareholders informed or to let interested parties know they have competition?
  • Botswana – ..where relevant the partners engage with and assist parties expressing an interest in the project. Should any of the expressions of interest advance to more formal proposals the partners would seek to update the market at the earliest opportunity. This implies MTR providing information to the interested parties and would imply being proactive in helping interested parties reach a deal decision gateway.


Shareholders have several indicators that the MTR business as we know it to day will be significantly different in the very near future.



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