#MTR Newsflow

Lots of news due from Metal Tiger. The only if is when will the information be released?

  • JORC (inferred) announcement for T3 due September 2016.
  • More Botswana T3 drill hole results, possibly weekly.
  • T3 Open pit evaluation study due December 2016.
  • Thai deal announcement imminent. Standstill Letter Agreement finishes 20th August.
  • Chief Technical Officer appointment. Hopefully a big name.
  • The latest RNS regarding Metal Tiger Australia contained this sentence:

This is just one step as we continue to build Metal Tiger into one of the leading global mining investment companies. Shareholders should expect further developments in this regard to be announced to market in the near term.

Expecting news about investment arm of business soon.

  • Information about Botswana wider drilling programme.
  • Appointment of a Geological Information Systems Database Manager.
  • News about Spanish business. Tungsten deposits and gold mineralisation.
  • Asset trading division update.


Metal Tiger shareholders are expecting a string of RNS’s.

The Metal Tiger team are using the expertise of world  renowned geologist Terry Grammar  to filter opportunities. This is resulting in great success and the exploration process model success rate of 0.1% has no bearing on Metal Tigers success rates as Grammer’s expertise is ensuring MTR predominantly target opportunities that can deliver.image

Expecting more investment opportunities to be announced, as businesses  bring their opportunities too MTR for valuation and possible investment.


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