#MKA facts rather than waffle.

Some of the positives:

1. Licences in place.
2. 18 months working capital.
3. Warrants will further increase working capital.
4. Malawi very pro mining. 20% of their GDP.
5. MKA have first mover advantage in Malawi.
6. Chinese have 85% of REE market. Will want to retain dominance so will be interested in MKA.
7. Predicted upswing in uranium mirrors likely timing of mine being in production. Key if anybody makes offer for mine.
8. REE prices predicted to significantly rise due to growth in “Internet of things” etc,
9. Free aerial survey data. Financed by French Government as want to support poorest country in Africa. MKA in perfect position to take commercial advantage of this data.
10. Option for licence in new technology for separating out REE. Possible royalty stream if used by other mines. Reduces capx and opex costs.

Lots of positives for longterm holders, hence significant amount of shares in LTH hands and recent TR1.

For more detailed information about Mkango see here.



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