#MTR research will pay dividends.

Very interesting and good set of interim results posted by Metal Tiger on the 30th September (see here).

  • Profit for the half year £559,400 (previously £98,800).
  • Cash in the bank £808,200 (2015, £353,900).
  • Investments held for trading £3,745,400 (2015, £692,900).
  • Net Current Assets £4,770,300 (2015, £1,058,300).
  • Overall Net Assets £5,199,700 (2015, £1,525,200).

Many private investors are invested in Metal Tiger as it is clear their strategy is based on returning value to all shareholders, small and large alike. Part of Metal Tigers strategy is focused on communicating with and informing private investors. For example:

  • Thailand – mine visit arranged for any private investor who wanted to see the mine for themselves.
  • Answering investors tweets immediately after the release of the above mentioned RNS.

Comments made in the RNS indicate the business will soon have some significant information to release.

For example:

  • burgeoning pipeline of new opportunities which as yet have not been made public.
  • New investments progressed by:
    • Metal Tiger investment.
    • Using other existing AIM vehicles.
    • New vehicles quoted or listed on a recognised stock exchange or other trading platforms in which Metal Tiger has invested.
  • Extensive work being undertaken to monetise the additional pipeline interests to increase Metal Tiger value per share.
  • Fintech opportunities relating to the precious metals sector. First time Fintech has been mentioned in an MTR RNS.
  • MTR intend to nurture and ultimately spinning-out non-core interests.

The last paragraph of the RNS states:

We will continue to deliver the kind of business progress that can make a difference…………with real value ….. distributed into the hands of the shareholders…

Metal Tiger have provided enough pointers indicating the business is growing fast and is poised to deliver significant value to its shareholders.

Numerous investors, including myself are pleased the share price doesn’t yet reflect the value of the assets, as this has enabled many to significantly increase their holding.

Unknowingly sometimes those that knock the business do those invested a favour.

When you do the research you can see the bigger picture.



One response to “#MTR research will pay dividends.

  1. Excellent news looking forward to divi as and when …maybe mid 2017 ortowards end !!


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