#MTR – news due in Q1

Change in posting style of several on twitter and bulletin boards has nothing to do, I believe, with what they think about the MTR business.

It is highly likely they have changed their posting stance as have closed their short position and taken a long position.

Long term holders who have held and ignored traders posts, basing their investment on the fundamentals of the business, will now start to see their investment mature.

We have the following that will in the short-term add to the value of any investment in Metal Tiger:

1. Sentiment – those previously short and prolific with their tweets will now ramp the business.
2. Thailand IPO – as gets closer and news released, value will be reflected in the share price. Currently no value in sp associated with Thai business.
3. Botswana results – increase in activity in drilling programme. Any extension to T3 resource will have an impact on the share price.
4. Institutional investor taking a position – just look at the contact base of the new BOD appointment, Mark Potter and ask yourself why has he taken up a position with MTR, a small mcap business, when he could have taken a position with a major player?

His appointment, I believe will facilitate the arrival of an institutional investor.
5. Asset trading division is starting to deliver with several investments making significant gains.

Michael McNeilly (CEO) in a very short period of time has made significant inroads in translating MTR assets into shareholder value. His Proactiveinvestors interview highlighted his past track record dealing with IPOs and made a point of stating he would deliver the Thai IPO in May or June at the latest.

The share price re-rate will happen. The only question is when.


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