#MTR – Swiss cheese model and the impact on the share price.

Analysts and Chartists are predicting the Metal Tiger share price is going to re-rate upwards.

Many follow what these ‘experts’ say and this can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. The herd arrive and the share price goes up.

The Swiss Cheese model suggests that when everything aligned the unexpected happens. The share price rise could therefore when it happens according to the theory be significant.


1. Resource  increases

These have been happening for a while and are covered in these two blogs.

MTR stunning results under T3. link

MTR results due. link

MTR RNS dated the 6th March (see here) also highlights that data will be released to the market soon.


2. Strong fundamentals, business strategy and leadership

Charles Hall (Chairman) and Michael McNeilly (CEO) recently appointed with other board changes.


This link takes you to an interview with Charles and Michael. Interview highlights the changes that have and will be taking place.

Metal Tiger is a private investor friendly business. It was no surprise when Charles a private investor with a T1 holding was appointed Chairman.

3. Analysts all agree share price will head North 

a) Broker99

Broker99 a Chartist who seems to get it right more than wrong, predicts a breakout of the sp at 2.7p with a prediction that will rise to 4p+ and then 6p plus, when, if more news comes could go to c21p.


This Chartist also points out that support is now very strong at the 2.2p level, significantly reducing any downside risk.

We also have Star Tom from Blueshare predicting a share price breakout.IMG_1331

The support and resistance points on the above charts are similar to analysis from Barchart.com. See table below.


Other Chartists such as Zak Mir have also strongly supported Metal Tiger predicting share price movement North.

b) Technical Data (comparing MTR and MOD Resources).

Looking at the technical data for MTR and MOD indicates that both are strong buys.


What is interesting with the data is both companies share price movement is primarily based on the Botswana prospect news. Because MTR’s share price is being held back it means MOD buy opinion is 50% stronger than MTR’s.

This distortion has to correct its self eventually.

c) Technical data

The following tables highlight for those who trade based on technical analysis that MTR is a very strong buy.

4. Investor awareness and sentiment change

Investor  awareness is definitely changing and this is evidenced by the following:

a) Wider awareness.

MTR has for a while been discussed predominately on the following forums:

  • Blueshare
  • LSE
  • Hotcopper

Over the last week discussion has also been happening on:

  • Ceo.ca
  • Discussthemarket.com
  • Stockgumshoe.com

This indicates Metal Tiger investor awareness base is widening.

b) Trading volumes

Volumes of share trades are also increasing. Following table indicates average volume has gone from 6.5m to 12m in the last 6 months.


Twice as much interest. This as the share price increases creates a solid new investor base. Those who trade are now in at a higher price than previously, meaning to realise a profit the sp needs to rise higher.

c) Negative comments about MTR business

LSE is a forum that several posters use to spread negative comments, as they either have or work for somebody with a short position. It is noticeable the number of these posters has significantly decreased.

Some are now actively promoting MTR indicating they have gone long. We now only have one or two left who either are carrying baggage against individuals connected with MTR or who enjoy being confrontational.

Sentiment on bulletin boards is definitely changing and now mainly has a positive bias.



Mice are nibbling around the edges trying to prevent the sp from rising. The cheese holes are however all aligning, with many aligned and LTH’s are about to reap the rewards.

Those that hope to benefit from keeping the share price low will soon be shocked by a significant sp re-rate. The share price rerate will be quick and the impact devastating for those who haven’t realised it’s coming.


Possible reasons why the Metal Tiger share price has not reacted to the significant news from Botswana can be found here.


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