Chartists all predicting significant uplift in #MTR share price

The Metal Tiger share price is currently 2.95p.

The following Chartists all predict a significant uplift to the share price is imminent.


Predicting share price will increase with a target of 7p – c13p


Nic Trades

Predicting share price will rise to a target of 4.1p to 5.87p


Emergo Charts

Using the Elliot Wave Theory predicting share price of  4.17p – 4.75p.


Zac Mir

In this video Zac predicts share price will test 4.5p.


The Chartists are therefore predicting an uplift of the share price of between 39% and 340%.

This is also supported  by the fact that all the indicators are that everything is becoming aligned fir a share rerate (see here).


This graphic indicates the near term news and events that could push the share price higher.


Finally this chart indicates the disparity between the MOD Resources share price and Metal Tigers.


All the indicators are the current Metal Tiger share price of 2.95p makes no sense and a rerate is going to happen.



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