#RGM – Will the doors be blown off?

Regency Mine news is well over due. The news regarding the Rosa coal mine when it arrives will ‘blow the doors off’.

Zac Mir, renowned charting analyst in his last update, on the 21st July said;

Indeed, with the 200 day line still rising even after the retracement of recent months one would be happy currently to err on the side of a sizeable rebound.”

The following table indicates the percentage change to the 200 day moving average.


This is a link to Zac’s article.


Chartists are taking their positions. It is noticeable over the last week that a significant increase has happened with regard to the number of tweets regarding Regency Mines.

Investing based on analysis of the technicals can become a self fulfilling prophesy.

In the case of Regency Mines however we also have the following events or news that could drop at anytime.

1. Market realising the implications of the revenue streams and significant under valuation of the business? Follow this link for additional information.

2. Announcement about Rosa – production or management team.

3. Announcement regarding Horse Hill. UKOG investment now valued at £750k+.

4. Curzon announcement.

5. Motzfeldt announcement.

Investors following the charts or news from RGM could be the catalyst for a share price rerate. Any small increase in buying pressure should move the sp to a new much higher base level.

The  “doors will be blown off” it’s  just a matter of when.


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